1. Colorblind
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Loosely we call ourselves black and white
But truthfully we're all beautiful shades of brown

So, why should the color of our skin
Keep love from blooming in our hearts
Love knows not what the difference is
What we've created in our minds
We're like the rainbows in the sky
So beautiful the butterflies
All shades of golden, sandy blend
Blackberry, copper, olive skin
But to each other we're black and white
Color so beautiful
Why would we wanna be Colorblind
Oooh oooh oooh oooh

For years we've lived denying whats inside
But what do, what do we see when we look through our own eyes
Can't deny

The colors in God's palette
Can be used to make much more than gray
He painted beautiful, your eyes
Blue, green, mahogany, light brown
I want a heart like a child
So I won't feel the hate around
We all are beautiful to me
Explore the possibility
But still we only see black and white
Color so beautiful why would we choose to be color, Colorblind ooooh ooooh ooooh Colorblind